K-Beauty, yes, I am sure you have heard of it because everyone is all for it. South Korea has really come far, with the K-pop genre killing it on every chart globally, the awfully cheesy and romantic K-dramas, amazing blockbusters like Train From Busan, I Saw the devil, The wailing and many more. I will honorably mention manhwa’s or otherwise known as webtoons, they are absoluly great pieces of visual literature.

K-Beauty products and trends were not to remain behind, South Koreans are very beauty conscious people, being beautiful and fitting into the ideal beauty standard is the dream of so many. It is not uncommon for the people there to be obsessed with visuals. Though it has its diadvatges, like the unhealthy obsession they have to plastic surgery and looking fair or pale, which by the way is whiter than the paint on walls. But we will get to that later. First let us talk about how awesome and cute or ‘kyopta” k-beauty really is.

Koreans have always been obsessed with beauty since the Joseon period and most likely even before that. they have been taking it very seriously. The main objective behind their products and makeup is to enhace natural beauty. Rosier cheeks, clear skin, flawless, even complexion, hydrated and pink lips, and a fresh look that has been the goal. They have always aspired to be on the cuter and more natural side, as opposed to the dramatic and bolder looks. They do not aim to make an eyeliner wing but wish to achieve more of an almond eye shaped look. A part from that, the Korean beauty line emphasizes more on natural colors like coral pink, rose pink, orange, peach, light brown and other gazzilion shades of pink. The reason people like it so much are several; first is the adorable packaging, everything they have is so cute! They usually have their products in pastel colors and shades like pink, blue, lilac and more. Super pleasing to look at, especially with the kawaii girl aesthetic trending these days. It has cute chibi animals and characters on it. Heck, they even have Sailor Moon themed makeup, a lot of people would kill for that. It is just so pretty and pink! Many at times people are not even sure of what a product does or do not have any use for the makeup or skin care product. They still buy it anyways for decorative and aesthetic purposes. I mean how can one not, it must take a brave soul and really empty wallet to walk past these products without wanting to buy one. South Korea really has that whole visually pleasing department covered.

The makeup is lightyears ahead of any existing makeup in the west, it has beaten them and it will continue to remain this way. South Korea’s beauty industry relies on natural ingredients and very high tier technology into making their products, they sell and deliver with the promise of results. I had the fortune of using some of k-skin care products and well, geez, it was some amazing stuff. I would recommend to infvest in K-beauty products and skin care too, it will take a month of application, persistent application but oof boy will your skin thank you. Though the products are not cheap, they are not stupidly expensive either and like I said, they are very much worth it. You will have to do some research before you can get to filling up your shopping cart. Also make sure to shop from official Korean stores and other reliable sites. You do not want to be getting something counterfeit and then crying over the barbarism it does on your face.

Korean beauty really emphasizes on fair, porcelain skin which is rooted to the Asian belief that fair skin makes you a person of better or higher caliber. It has been coming for centuries and as change is being made but something that is so deeply rooted in South Korean culture. It will take time to make the people realise, even though they are ahead of the world is aspects of education, technology, musuc, skin care. Beauty and more. It is kind of weird that have not been able to overcome this sad little notion of idolsing people with fair skin. Fans have been outraged by the white washing of idols’ pictures. The people responsible for this uncessary editing would be fansites and Dsipatch. Fans have shown serious negativity towards it but still there does not seem to be a whole lot of change. Other than that, platstic surgery is very common in South Korea, people will save up for years to get surgery to fit in the cookie cutter image. For females Im Yoona of Girls’ Generation is the epitome of beauty and for males, it is Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO is the guy to look upto.

All in all, k beauty is revolutionary makeup that has transcended all other types of makeup. It is the epitome of makeup, it is good for skin, worth your money and makes you look super cute too!

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