Jeffree Star, the very famous YouTuber, business man, beauty influencer and fashion icon. The man has a trail of controversies, feuds and drama but today we are only going to be discusiing his makeup line and products.

Jeffree Star cosmetics, launched by Jeffree himself back in the year 2016. Since the beginning his launches have been a success. He started off with selling matte liquid lipsticks, available in a variety of shades. His makeup line’s main purpose is to bring out the bold and eccentric for all the individuals out there who crave crazy, creativity and the glamorous appeal to everything. He was a makeup fanatic since the age of thirteen, he would put on his mom’s makeup and finally he was able to make his dream a reality. He had been planning the launch for quite some time and considering his YouTube career was booming and going exceedingly well. It was the perfect moment, his first launch offered “Velor Liquid Lipsticks”, which I must say was a very smart move as matte liquid lipsticks were the hype during that time. He also promoted the Velor liquid lipsticks on his channel, which acquired over three million subscribers in less than two years. It takes most beauty gurus several years to get close to that number.


Coming back, the first shades Jeffree Star Cosmetics released were only eighteen, out of which unicorn blood, redrum (That is murder spelled backwards), mannequin, diva, which he named after one of his dogs, they are Pomeranians, by the way. Then after the success he attained, people did not have any compmaints and he had a huge demand after the first release. His things ran out in about five minutes, which is crazy. He explained his immense shock and happiness in one of his videos. He then added more to the collection and the most recently released one being dedicated to Nathan, his boy friend. While at the time, people were obsessed with highlighters too, if you do not know what a highlighter is. I mean where were you in 2016, the Bermuda triangle? It is the glowy things on girls’ cheek bones, that low-key blinds and reflects. He released highlighters from his Jeffree Star Cosmetic line too, the first series he relased were called “skin frost”, some of the most bought and popular highlighters of this release were; Peach Goddess, Ice princess, Mint and Neffree. These highlighters are so amazing, words probably will never do them justice. They are huge, will probably never run out, this is coming from someone who breathes highlighter. They compact mirror is huge for what you usually expect from compact mirros. The highlighters themselves are so pretty, the shine, glow, all of it is top tier. I do not think there is a dupe for them. Later he added more to the line like Dark horse, Sierian Cut, Regina Gorge (Which is the perfect name for his trademark Barbie pink color or should I say Jeffree Star color) and so on. Then he realsed highlighter palletes as well. I expected nothing less from a highlighter obsessed king, queen or whatever. I am still confusd about that in all honesty. One of the highlighter palletes feature cold, pastel highlighters, the second pallete release had more bold colors, perhaps bolder than the YouTuber Ukhano, perhaps. Lastly and cuurently, his patriot themed paltte that has some very strange yet cute highlighter shades.

Next after receinving a staggering success from the first release, skin frost, he then released the skin frost series, which is a liquid highlighter series. Unlike the first which was in compact, powder form. These sheer and intense shades are also available in stunning and unconventional colors, like white, azure, cranberry, red, brown, pink and more. He really pulls through the promise of creating makeup for all types of skin complexions. He has often complained that billion dollar makeup enterprise do not give enough attention to their POC, which means people of color cleints which is racust and a downright shame. So Jeffree Star strives to provide shades for everyone though I will admit his makeup’s undertones are cold and on the paler side of the spectrum. But he is trying and putting forth quality makeup.


Jeffree Star cosmetics has quickly attained a lot of success, Jeffree has proven to be a very smart business man. He grew his start up to an enterprise faster than you can say Trump is a living a cheeto chip. He has released eye shadow palletes and has put his heart, soul and plenty of thought behind it. It started with the release of Androgyny which had very different and deep shades, like maroon, lighter shade of combat green, deep blue and some pretty transition shades, the pallete was for $45 and then after that he has released many palletes. Like Alien, its package looks like the X-file aliens, this makeup plattele had over fiftenn shades. Then we have his other fantastic palettes like Beauty Killer, Thirsty, Blood Sugar, Blue Blood and more!

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