Makeup has always been an essential part of humanity, though it is considered an extra or luxury. All of us are fully aware that makeup has a very vital role to play. Well, because there are a vast number of uses of makeup and the number of rising career opportunities and institutes that wholly and solely focus on makeup and beauty. It would be wrong to say it’s an extra considering how it is helping the economy and how it also helps boost the self-confidence of many, so which is it? It is a need or is it a luxury, speaking in both general and in economic terms.

It would be wrong to out rightly say yes or no to either but then again, as fundamental human behavior exists and is the determinat of many things. There will be a difference of opinion and arguments from both sides of the spectrum. Someone who perhaps, tends to think that everyone is beaituful without makeup and there is no need for it and caking up layers of foundation is lame and blah blah. Correct, that point is very valid, but this side also need to take a look at the bigger picture. Makeup goes beyond daily wear and is used for many other things. It is fine to have a personal preference but generalizing it for everry9one is wrong. This perhaps, is a milder version of the “Is it Okay to Get Plastic surgery?”

Let us think about this a little more and then everyone can come to a final conclusion. We shall generally discuss the advantages, uses and disadvatages of “makeup being a luxury or a need?” Instantly, upon hearing this question, someone who does not use makeup would go a luxury and a person who does will naturally believe it to be a necessity. But both sides must see the bigger picture.


Makeup is a way of making oneself prettier or to enhance one’s physical appearance. In a world where everyone is so obsessed with what you look like, it is natural for people to want to look their best. Trying to do so while using things within their means of reach. Yes, that would bring us to makeup and other beauty enhancing products like skincare and so on. Makeup does help us but the advertisement tricks behind makeup brands want you to think you need it. But some of us really need it as well, so it depends on the level of brainwashing and marketing tactics, and the person’s own insecurities. Or perhaps you have an image to maintain, in order to look the part, makeup can be a necessity. It varies from person to person but everyone wants to look the best. So, the fact that societal pressure and peer pressure are also a major factor in this, but as a lot of you may say, one must pull through it and stay true to oneself. But you cannot deny this kind of pressure is very real, it leads to different kinds of problems too. Being social animals, we cant deny people, fitting in for the sake of surviving and being accepted into the cool kids is very different.


We are not unfamiliar with how most big industries run; underpaying employees, keeping all the profits to themselves, misogyny and sexism in the background, shady deals, dumping their trash and chemicals into poor third world countries, oceans, media schemes and so on.

The makeup industry is no different, getting nonreeable resources from poor countries that already have it hard, paying them lesser than a one hunderth of what they get. Destroying the eco-system, running anarchy with their advertisement agenda, the incessant mental illnesses they inculcate in the younger generation and older people alike. So, while they may be providng jobs to many people, the makeup industry is ruining lives and the environment at the same time. We truly believe they do this in excess, other measures can be taken for a better division of profits, the very fast changing trends is not important and the industry can thrive without all the destruction they put forth.


Thanks to the rise of makeup many people who are talented with makeup could now make money. This saved and helped so many people and the econimc rise is also no joke. Though over the course of time, the community has become over saturated, dramas amongst the creators began, people lost interest woith the same repetitive makeup looks and content, no to forget the unbecessary toxicity and negativity it was spewing into people’s lives. Though, YouTube and makeup has also shown hope to people that yes, being good at makeup is not just a hobby but is an art.

There was quite a few things to re-evaluate before you can get into making your final decision. Basic makeup, we belive has evolved into a necessity just like other things have. Like cellphones and Wi-Fi, as hard as it is to swallow. That wraps it up!

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