Best Pakistani Local Makeup Brands

Makeup is all about women. Women use makeup to enhance their beauty. Women always prefer brand because the health of the skin cannot be compromised. They prefer to use brands even if they are wearing makeup in routine. But now many local brands are famous among women of Pakistan. These brands are now becoming famous internationally. In past, only international brands were famous no local brand was able to impress women. Because of the very high prices of international brands, everyone cannot afford them so people are now moving towards local brands of Pakistan. These brands are according to the skin tones of Pakistani women.

Top Pakistani Local brands:

Some of the most famous Pakistani local makeup brands are:

Massarat Misbah:

Massarat Misbah is now a very famous makeup brand of Pakistan. It is now a very good research project which focuses on the skin tones of Asian women. All the products of Massarat Misbah are according to the complexions of Asian women. The quality of the products is never compromised. This brand is very well known in this makeup industry. The owner of the brand Masaarat Misbah has opened her beauty clinic named as Depilex. They provide everything in the makeup product that customer could wish for. Products are according to new trends internationally. Some of the Best products of MAssarat Misbah are:

  • Silk foundation ivory
  • Silk pressed Powder ivory
  • Lip varnish iconic lip
  • Ethereal glow illuminous
  • Lash volumizer Mascara
  • Lip gloss dahlia



Nabila makeup is now providing only zero makeup kit which is best for daily day usage. It contains all the things which you need for a complete makeup for a whole day it consists of a compact for an even tone of the skin, a concealer, a blender, lip colour and a blush. It is available in six flavours. This product is very worth using. This formula of Nabila is also getting famous internationally. Five shades of zero makeup are as follows:

  • Zero makeup creme palette
  • Zero makeup caramel palette
  • Zero makeup honey palette
  • Zero makeup ivory palette
  • Zero makeup pearl palette
  • Zero makeup porcelain palette


Luscious Cosmetics:

It is also a local brand but it is as famous as other international brands. It is known for changing and enhancing beauty trends in Pakistan. It has taken place of the foreign brand now luscious is more in the focus of the public. Meherbano Sethi has changed many trends in the makeup industry. The products such as lipsticks, blushers, shimmers, foundations are famous in women. The products are according to the skin tones of users. Some of the famous products of Luscious Cosmetics are:

  • Spellbinder makeup setting mist
  • Velvet matte oil control pressed powder
  • Super moisturizing lipstick
  • Face contour kit
  • Camera stick foundation.



Medora is the oldest local makeup brand. Medora is still used by many people in Pakistan. Due to low prices and good quality, it is liked by the public. I can assure you that every Pakistani home must-have makeup product of Medora. The main product of Medora is its lipsticks which are available in many shades. Some of the best makeup products of Medora are:

  • Medora compact powder
  • Medora eyeliner
  • Medora French manicure
  • Medora lipstick glossy
  • Medora lipstick matte


Sweet Touch:

Sweet touch is considered as the best local brand. It is the most widely used local makeup brand among all. It is most widely used because it is affordable. Price range is not too much high. It was the production of Mehran enterprises. It was started in the year 2001. From 2001 it is producing makeup of very good quality. The products include many eye colour, lip colour, foundations and nail colours. Some of the most famous products of sweet touch are:

  • Original kajal waterproof pencil
  • Twin cake ivory
  • Waterproof volumizing mascara
  • Young skin foundation
  • Magnetic nail art


Odho Cosmetics:

Odho cosmetics was launched by an actress named as Atiqa Odho. It was started in the year 2003. It was the local makeup brand which got famous in the public. It had become a famous cosmetic brand of users. Its products were according to the skin types of users. Most importantly the products were made of halal ingredients which were the key point for the users of Pakistan. Some of the best products of Odho Cosmetics are:

  • Eye shadow sweet dreams
  • Single pressed eye shadow kit
  • Lipstick bewitched
  • Dove blush on and highlighter
  • Face and contouring powder kit


  1. Makeup:

This makeup brand was introduced by Junaid Jamshed as their clothing brand was already very famous among the public and then they introduced makeup too. They give various products including lipstick, eye makeup and foundations. Some of the best products are:

  • Perfecting contouring cream palette
  • Luminous silk cream powder
  • Mineral foundation
  • Mineral semi-matte lipstick
  • Mineral matte lip gloss


Swiss Miss:

Swiss Miss is considered as relatively better Pakistani local brand. Swiss Miss contains lipsticks and nail polishes in many colours. With low prices and relatively good quality, they are highly used by the ordinary public in Pakistan.

  • Swiss Miss Foundation
  • Swiss Miss Eyeliner
  • Swiss Miss Mascara
  • Swiss Miss classy nail polish
  • Swiss Miss classy lipstick





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