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Anastasia Beverly Hills was launched by a businesswoman named as Anastasia Soare. It was launched in 1997. First product line came into the market in 2000. Anastasia Soare was the first person to introduce different shaping techniques of wye brows. This became a huge source of business for her. This brand is known as the world’s most recognized makeup brand. In 2014 she introduced her “ultimate polished look” for which the brand is known. She received worldwide recognition for this marvellous creation. The main products were the contour kit and liquid lipsticks. The products are free from any dangerous ingredients and are tested. The CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills is Anastasia Soare and the president is the daughter of Anastasia Soare Claudia Soare who is responsible for daily activities of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Best Products of Anastasia Beverly Hills:

Loose Setting Powder:

Loose setting powder by Anastasia Beverly Hills is used to set makeup on the place. It is also used to brighten the makeup. It absorbs all the oil from the skin and it results in the perfect finish of the makeup. It is available in four colours for all the skin tones. It is also available in one universal shade. It blurs the imperfections present on the skin. It is highly pigmented so it is easy to use on skin. It gives a flawless finish after the application of makeup. It removes fine lines and pores from the skin and gives a natural look. It extends the period of the makeup. Just apply gently on your face and under-eye by makeup brush and get a perfect look after the application of the makeup.

Dip brow Gel:

Dip brow gel is an eyebrow gel. IT is highly pigmented get for eyebrows. It is waterproof for a long-lasting application on eyebrows. It is available for eleven different shades for different eyebrows. It is perfect for those who want to dye their eyebrows. After using this you don’t need to dye your eyebrows because it gives complete finish by changing the colour of your eyebrows completely. It is available in both the sizes full size and travel size to take it with you wherever you go.

Liquid Liner:

Liquid liner by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a perfect waterproof liner. It is highly pigmented. It is a perfect black matte liner. It is easy to apply. It gives perfect sharp and bold lines on the eye. It is best for flawless eye makeup. It is sweat-resistant because it is waterproof. So it lasts for a long time. It is available in both gel and cream form.

Eye Primer:

Eye primer by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a waterproof primer. It is used to create a base for eyeshadow. It is used before the application of eyeshadow on our eye. It gives a perfect base to shimmer and matte eyeshadows. This formula is best to help smooth application of eye makeup. This cream is effortlessly applied on eyes before eye makeup such as liner and eye shadows. It also helps to enhance eye makeup such as eyeshadows and eyeliner.

Liquid Lipstick:

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s liquid lipstick is a pigmented lipstick that gives a perfect matte look when dried after the application. It gives long-lasting colour to the lips. It results in the appearance of the beautiful coloured lips. It gives both sides a soft brush which helps in the perfect application and perfect amount on the lips. It gives a colour that lasts all day long on the lips. It is available in many bright and dull colours. You can choose any colour which you want and enjoy its long-lasting application on the mouth.

Luminous Foundation:

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s luminous foundation is a waterproof liquid foundation. It gives a natural and glowing finish to the skin. It is a long-lasting liquid foundation for daily usage gives a fresh look after applying on face. It does not need powder to set. It is available in almost fifty natural shades. It hides all the imperfections and pores on the skin and gives a natural look. After its application, you can get an even-toned skin. It is easy to apply face makeup on this luminous foundation. You can easily blend your makeup on this foundation.

Stick Foundation:

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s is a highly pigmented stick foundation. By applying that you can get a matte finish. It is the best formula for face and body. It hides all the imperfections and spots from your body and gives a perfect look. It is almost available in 26 natural face shades. It is very easy to apply this stick foundation on the skin. It gives a perfect finish to your natural skin shade.

Loose Highlighter:

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s is a shimmering highly pigmented powder that gives a shimmery and glowing look. It is available in six different shades. It gives a silky finish to your face. It enhances your face makeup.

Sun dipped glow kit:

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s is a glowing kit consisting of 4 different shades of highlighters. Each shade gives fine glowing touch to your daily makeup. The sun dipped glowing is highly pigmented and it is so easy to use. Just apply it on your cheeks nose and chin and get a glowing look.


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